'Les deux secrets d'un succès: la Qualité et la Créativité.' - Paul Bocuse

Ryusen Hamono • Slijperij Rangelrooij • De Candelaer

An extraordinary collaboration of three crafts:
A knife sharpener, a knife maker and a painter of traditional Delft Blue.

The moment that the Dutch team qualified for the world finals in Lyon, I knew that I had to produce a commemorative and exclusive edition of the steak knife. The first question that popped into my mind was, ‘What is our greatest patrimony?’
The answer to that question was located, not very far from The Hague. I found the unique link for this project at the De Candelaer factory in Delft. Delft Blue, with its typical Dutch motifs has been a trademark since the 1600s. De Candelaer makes Delft Blue, as well as traditional Delft paintings, skilfully and by applying all of their knowledge.

How did this collaboration come about?
Japanese knifemaker Ryusen designed a knife in 2013 for the Japanese Bocuse d’Or team who came in third in the contest, at that time. I have been importing Ryusen knives since 2012. In 2014, I designed a unique steak knife for the new Librije in collaboration with Ryusen. In 2016, the Dutch team, consisting of Chef Jan Smink, Commis Sander Verhaaf and Coach Lars Aukema, qualified for the world finals of the prestigious Bocuse d’Or culinary contest in Lyon in 2017.

Jan Smink and Lars Aukema both work in the kitchen of the De Librije and executive Chef Jonnie Boer is the chairman of Bocuse d’Or Nederland.

A superior steak knife
Thus an unequalled knife was born, with a hilt crafted from white lacquered maple and painted in the traditional Delft Blue fashion by the De Candelaer, with a blade made from 70 layers of coreless VG10/VG2 Damascus steel by Ryusen from Japan. Keenly sharpened by Slijperij J.M. van Rangelrooij.

A total of 17 of these exceptional knives have been fabricated in combination with 15 matching forks. Fourteen of these sets are for the jury and these will accompany the final ‘meat’ plate on Tuesday January 24th in Lyon during the Bocuse d’Or final. One set can be admired at the store of Slijperij J.M. van Rangelrooij.

The two final knives have been sent to the Royals. It has graced His majesty the king and Her Majesty the Queen to notify us in writing that they are very honoured by this beautiful gift.

Elwin de Veld
Slijperij J.M. van Rangelrooij



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