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How do I use a knife sharpening steel?

If you professionally use knives on a daily basis you will need a way to maintain your knife’s edge between sharpening sessions. It is a treat for the eyes to see a professional chef handle the sharpening steel if done in the right way.

In short:

Hold the knife as if you are going to cut and start the movement with the heel of the knife just under the handle of the sharpening steel.
Position the knife at an angle of 15 degrees on the sharpening steel and pull it in one flowing movement over the steel, from the heel to the tip of the blade. Make sure that the entire length of the edge angle slides along the steel. This creates a semicircular movement. Repeating this only two or three times is quite sufficient. Exert only the slightest pressure. Too much pressure will damage the knife.


The sharpness test.

Do I need to have all my knives sharpened at a professional knife sharpener? Watch this video to see how you can determine if your knife is sharp enough. Do the sharpness test!

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