Slijperij J.M. van Rangelrooij
Van Musschenbroekstraat 4 | 2522 AP Den-Haag
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Sharpening shop J. M. van Rangelrooij sharpens the knives of many illustrious restaurants and hotels in the larger metropolitan area. Every chef that has his knives sharpened here knows that his tools are in expert hands and are treated with great care. The knives maintain their sharpness for a long time and a minimal amount of the edge is grinded off. Simple edge knives and knives with wave edge blades will be even sharper than when they left the factory.



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The sharpening shop is the perfect address for sharpening and buffing of your chef’s knives. Individuals can drop off their knives in the store and collect them perfectly sharpened within five business days.
Companies can make use of the collect and deliver service. When we collect the knives to be sharpened we leave a loaner set in order to allow the work to continue.

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